Commit 78dc9370 authored by Antoine Millet's avatar Antoine Millet

Added hot migration job.

parent c5331497
......@@ -17,7 +17,8 @@ from ccserver.election import Elector
from ccserver import __version__
MIGRATION_TYPES = {'cold': 'cold_migrate'}
MIGRATION_TYPES = {'cold': 'cold_migrate',
'hot': 'hot_migrate',}
def listed(func):
......@@ -425,6 +425,183 @@ class ColdMigrationJob(BaseMigrationJob):
super(ColdMigrationJob, self).cancel()
class HotMigrationJob(BaseMigrationJob):
A hot vm migration job.
Mandatory items:
* vm_name: name of the vm to migrate
* hv_source: name of the hv which execute the VM
* hv_dest: the destination hypervisor
* author: login of the author cli
def job(self):
vm_id = '%s.%s' % (self['hv_source'], self['vm_name'])
self['title'] = 'Hot migration %s --> %s' % (vm_id, self['hv_dest'])'Job-%s: Started hot migration for %s', self['id'], vm_id)
# Cancel the job if the user has not the right to migrate the vm or to
# select an hypervisor as destination:
right_check = self.manager.server.check
tql = 'id=%s' % vm_id
if not right_check(self['author'], 'hotmigrate', tql):
raise JobCancelError('author have no rights to migrate this VM')
tql = 'id=%s' % self['hv_dest']
if not right_check(self['author'], 'hotmigrate_dest', tql):
raise JobCancelError('author have no right to migrate to this hv')
# Update the VM object:
vm = self.manager.server.objects.get_by_id(vm_id)
except UnknownObjectError:
raise JobCancelError('Source VM not found')
# Get the source and destination hv clients:
source = self.manager.server.get_connection(self['hv_source'])
except KeyError:
raise JobCancelError('source hypervisor is not connected')
dest = self.manager.server.get_connection(self['hv_dest'])
except KeyError:
raise JobCancelError('destination hypervisor is not connected')
self.checkpoint()'waiting lock for source and dest hypervisors')'Job-%s: Trying to acquire locks', self['id'])
with AcquiresAllOrNone(source.lock, dest.lock):'Job-%s: Locks acquired', self['id'])
if not self._check_status(vm_id, 'running'):
raise JobCancelError('vm is not started')
# Create storages on destination and start synchronization:
disks = vm.get('disk', '').split()
for disk in disks:
# Getting informations about the disk:
pool = vm.get('disk%s_pool' % disk)
name = vm.get('disk%s_vol' % disk)
size = vm.get('disk%s_size' % disk)
assert pool is not None, 'pool tag doesn\'t exists'
assert name is not None, 'name tag doesn\'t exists'
assert size is not None, 'size tag doesn\'t exists''sync volume %s/%s (creation)' % (pool, name))
# Create the volume on destination:
dest.proxy.vol_create(pool, name, int(size))'Job-%s: Created volume %s/%s on destination '
'hypervisor', self['id'], pool, name)
# Rollback stuff for this action:
def rb_volcreate():
dest.proxy.vol_delete(pool, name)
# Setup the drbd synchronization with each hypervisors:'sync volume %s/%s (setup)' % (pool, name))
to_cleanup = []
res_src = source.proxy.drbd_setup(pool, name)
def rb_setupsrc():
res_dst = dest.proxy.drbd_setup(pool, name)
def rb_setupdst():
# Start connection of drbd:'sync volume %s/%s (connect)' % (pool, name))
source.proxy.drbd_connect(res_src, res_dst, dest.get_ip())
dest.proxy.drbd_connect(res_dst, res_src, source.get_ip())
# Setup topology as Primary/Secondary:
source.proxy.drbd_role(res_src, True)
dest.proxy.drbd_role(res_dst, False)
# Wait for the end of the disk synchronization:'sync volume %s/%s (sync)' % (pool, name))
cids = set()
cids.add(source.connection.async_call('drbd_sync', res_src))
cids.add(dest.connection.async_call('drbd_sync', res_dst))
msgs = self.manager.server.manager.wait(frozenset(cids))
#TODO: check error
source.proxy.drbd_takeover(res_src, True)
def rb_takeover_src():
source.proxy.drbd_takeover(res_src, False)
dest.proxy.drbd_takeover(res_dst, True)
def rb_takeover_dst():
dest.proxy.drbd_takeover(res_dst, False)
tunres_src = source.proxy.tun_setup()
def rb_tun_src():
tunres_dst = dest.proxy.tun_setup(local=False)
def rb_tun_dst():
source.proxy.tun_connect(tunres_src, tunres_dst, dest.get_ip())
dest.proxy.tun_connect_hv(tunres_dst, migration=True)
# Initiate the live migration:'migration in progress')
source.proxy.vm_migrate_tunneled(self['vm_name'], tunres_src)
# At this point, if operation is a success, all we need is just to
# cleanup source hypervisor from disk and vm. This operation *CAN'T*
# be cancelled or rollbacked if anything fails (unlikely). The
# migration must be considered as a success, and the only way to
# undo this is to start a new migration in the other way.
# Delete the rollback list.
# This is mandatory to avoid data loss if the cleanup
# code below fail.'cleanup')
self._wayback = []
for cb_cleanup in reversed(to_cleanup):
# Cleanup the disks:
for disk in disks:
pool = vm.get('disk%s_pool' % disk)
name = vm.get('disk%s_vol' % disk)
source.proxy.vol_delete(pool, name)'Job-%s: Migration completed with success', self['id'])
class CloneJob(BaseMigrationJob):
......@@ -617,6 +794,7 @@ class JobsManager(object):
'kill': KillClientJob,
'kill_oldcli': KillOldCliJob,
'cold_migrate': ColdMigrationJob,
'hot_migrate': HotMigrationJob,
'clone': CloneJob,
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