Commit d8c83a5b authored by Antoine Millet's avatar Antoine Millet

Added clone job and handler for cli to create it.

parent 6bd4f1f0
......@@ -11,7 +11,8 @@ from ccserver.orderedset import OrderedSet
from ccserver.conf import CCConf
from ccserver.exceptions import (AlreadyRegistered, AuthenticationError,
RightError, ReservedTagError, BadObjectError,
BadRoleError, NotConnectedAccountError)
BadRoleError, NotConnectedAccountError,
from ccserver.election import Elector
from ccserver import __version__
......@@ -768,6 +769,42 @@ class CliHandler(OnlineCCHandler):
return errs.get_dict()
def clone(self, conn, tql_vm, tql_dest, name):
Create and launch a clone job.
:param tql_vm: a tql matching one vm object (the cloned vm)
:param tql_dest: a tql matching one hypervisor object (the destination
:param name: the new name of the VM
client = self._server.search_client_by_connection(conn)
vm = self._server.list(tql_vm, show=('r', 'h', 'p'))
if len(vm) != 1:
raise CloneError('VM Tql must select ONE vm')
elif vm[0]['r'] != 'vm':
raise CloneError('Destination Tql must select a vm')
vm = vm[0]
dest = self._server.list(tql_dest, show=('r',))
if len(dest) != 1:
raise CloneError('Destination Tql must select ONE hypervisor')
elif dest[0]['r'] != 'hv':
raise CloneError('Destination Tql must select an hypervisor')
dest = dest[0]'clone', **{'vm_name': vm['h'],
'new_vm_name': name,
'hv_source': vm['p'],
'hv_dest': dest['id'],
'author': client.login})
def dbstats(self, conn):
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ Jobs management on the server.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import re
import logging
import time
from datetime import datetime
......@@ -424,6 +425,190 @@ class ColdMigrationJob(BaseMigrationJob):
super(ColdMigrationJob, self).cancel()
class CloneJob(BaseMigrationJob):
A clone job.
Mandatory items:
* vm_name: name of the vm to migrate
* new_vm_name: the name of the cloned vm
* hv_source: name of the hv which execute the VM
* hv_dest: the destination hypervisor
* author: login of the author cli
def job(self):
vm_id = '%s.%s' % (self['hv_source'], self['vm_name'])
self['title'] = 'Clone %s --> %s' % (vm_id, self['hv_dest'])'Job-%s: Started clone for %s', self['id'], vm_id)
# Cancel the job if the user has not the right to clone the vm or to
# select an hypervisor as destination:
right_check = self.manager.server.check
tql = 'id=%s' % vm_id
if not right_check(self['author'], 'clone', tql):
raise JobCancelError('author have no rights to migrate this VM')
tql = 'id=%s' % self['hv_dest']
if not right_check(self['author'], 'clone_dest', tql):
raise JobCancelError('author have no right to migrate to this hv')
# Update the VM object:
vm = self.manager.server.objects.get_by_id(vm_id)
except UnknownObjectError:
raise JobCancelError('Cloned VM not found')
# Get the source and destination hv clients:
source = self.manager.server.get_connection(self['hv_source'])
except KeyError:
raise JobCancelError('source hypervisor is not connected')
dest = self.manager.server.get_connection(self['hv_dest'])
except KeyError:
raise JobCancelError('destination hypervisor is not connected')
self.checkpoint()'waiting lock for source and dest hypervisors')'Job-%s: Trying to acquire locks', self['id'])
with AcquiresAllOrNone(source.lock, dest.lock):'Job-%s: Locks acquired', self['id'])
# Check if VM is stopped:
if not self._check_status(vm_id, 'stopped'):
raise JobCancelError('vm is not stopped')
# Create storages on destination:
old_new_disk_mapping = {} # Mapping between old and new disk names'create volumes')
for disk in vm.get('disk', '').split():
# Getting informations about the disk:
pool = vm.get('disk%s_pool' % disk)
name = vm.get('disk%s_vol' % disk)
size = vm.get('disk%s_size' % disk)
assert pool is not None, 'pool tag doesn\'t exists'
assert name is not None, 'name tag doesn\'t exists'
assert size is not None, 'size tag doesn\'t exists'
# Change the name of the disk:
old_name = name
if name.startswith(self['vm_name']):
suffix = name[len(self['vm_name']):]
name = self['new_vm_name'] + suffix
name = '%s_%s' % (self['new_vm_name'], name)
fulloldname = '/dev/%s/%s' % (pool, old_name)
fullnewname = '/dev/%s/%s' % (pool, name)
old_new_disk_mapping[fulloldname] = fullnewname
# Create the volume on destination:
dest.proxy.vol_create(pool, name, int(size))'Job-%s: Created volume %s/%s on destination '
'hypervisor (was %s)', self['id'], pool, name,
# Rollback stuff for this action:
def rb_volcreate():
dest.proxy.vol_delete(pool, name)
# Define VM:'define vm')'Job-%s: XML configuration transfert', self['id'])
vm_config = source.proxy.vm_export(self['vm_name'])
# Change vm configuration XML to update it with new name:
new_vm_config = self._update_xml(vm_config, self['vm_name'],
# Rollback stuff for vm definition:
def rb_define():
# Copy all source disk on destination disk:
for disk in vm.get('disk', '').split():
self._copy_disk(source, dest, vm, disk, name)'Job-%s: Clonage completed with success', self['id'])
def _update_xml(self, vm_config, old_name, name, old_new_name_mapping):
Update the XML definition of the VM with the new vm name, the new vm
disk, and remove the uuid tag.
vm_config = vm_config.replace('<name>%s</name>' % old_name,
'<name>%s</name>' % name)
vm_config = re.sub('(<uuid>.*?</uuid>\n)', '', vm_config)
for old, new in old_new_name_mapping.iteritems():
vm_config = vm_config.replace("='%s'" % old,
"='%s'" % new)
return vm_config
def _copy_disk(self, source, dest, vm, disk, new_disk):
Copy the specified disk name of the vm from source to dest.
# Get informations about the disk:
pool = vm.get('disk%s_pool' % disk)
name = vm.get('disk%s_vol' % disk)'Job-%s: Started copy for %s/%s to %s/%s',
self['id'], pool, name, pool, new_disk)'copy %s/%s' % (pool, name))
# Make the copy and wait for it end:
xferprop = dest.proxy.vol_import(pool, new_disk)
# Register the cancel function:
def cancel_xfer():
self['func_cancel_xfer'] = cancel_xfer
# Wait for the end of transfert:
cids = set()
cids.add(source.connection.async_call('vol_export', pool, name,
dest.get_ip(), xferprop['port']))
cids.add(dest.connection.async_call('vol_import_wait', xferprop['id']))
msgs = self.manager.server.manager.wait(frozenset(cids))
del self['func_cancel_xfer']
# Compare checksum of two answers:
checksums = []
assert len(msgs) == 2'%r' % (msgs, ))
for msg in msgs:
if msg.get('error') is not None:
msg = 'error while copy: %s' % msg['error']['message']
raise JobCancelError(msg)
if checksums[0] != checksums[1]:
raise JobCancelError('checksum mismatches')
def cancel(self):
if self.get('func_cancel_xfer') is not None:
super(CloneJob, self).cancel()
class JobsManager(object):
......@@ -436,6 +621,7 @@ class JobsManager(object):
'kill': KillClientJob,
'kill_oldcli': KillOldCliJob,
'cold_migrate': ColdMigrationJob,
'clone': CloneJob,
def __init__(self, server):
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