Commit cb88c8df authored by Sebastien Luttringer's avatar Sebastien Luttringer


parent a739293b
installsystems (5) unstable; urgency=low
Matthieu Gonnet (2):
is extract -D generate a description file from the description.json file
Fix typo
Sebastien Luttringer (61):
Introduce PipeFile in place of uopen
fix database init
Implement ssh transport
Repository add now user PipeFile
Add isversion inside images
Display progress bar during image creatio
use PipeFile.consume() in place of shutil.copyfileobj
Add changelog to images
Introduce changelog
Fix invalid payload namming during download
Offline state is now settable in repository.conf
Paramiko is not a hard dependency.
Rollback to python 2.6
Doesn't display warning when we are not in debug mode
fix missing progressbar package inside
Fix issue with utf8 encoding in author
fix extracting payload with utf8 filenames
fix is new traceback
allow format,description.json,changelog to be writable by user
is list display changelog only with -c or -v option
is new doesn't overwrite by default
Add command changelog
fix doesn't have changelog parameter
is list can display repository content with full path
add --no-color option to is
fix loading of parameters from config files
Reintroduce commit 184b64a23084a75513d48d336470f8048dd68b60
repository check now display corrupted files
add a minimal installsystems version option
rename isversion into is_build_version
image show display is_min_version in verbose mode
doesn't display changelog in list if no -c args in verbose mode
fix bad is_min_version syntax
fix changelog display which leads to a traceback
fix temporary caching of command line repostories
fix typo in compare_versio
add chroot command
add command info
fix typo
remove double definition of last in repository
fix presence of is_min_version during read_metadata
Add bash-completion
add long --all-version to -v in changelog
no progressbar in quiet mode
fix regex and is call in bash-completion
build command check and add script in alpha order
is get can now download only payloads
script without execution bit are not added in image
fix bash completion with positional argument and options
Allow del command to keep payload inside repository
use filepath and not filename in error in check_script
install bash comp list file after image
split tools' chroot in 3 functions
debian chroot hellper policy-rd needs to be executable
add resolv.conf copying in prepare chroot tricks
policy-rc.d must exit 101 in chroot
Add a download size information on download progressbar
fix error when chrooting inside a root without /etc
improve human_size computation
display time in rfc2822 format
remove and use image.filename instead
-- Sebastien Luttringer <> Thu, 17 Nov 2011 12:56:57 +0100
installsystems (4) unstable; urgency=low
Aurélien Dunand (13):
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ InstallSystems module
version = "4"
version = "5"
debug = False
quiet = False
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