Commit 12a13006 authored by Luke Shumaker's avatar Luke Shumaker Committed by Dave Reisner

makechrootpkg: Use the btrfs mountpoint/subvolume check consistently.

Commit 59e348fc added a btrfs subvolume
check, but only used it in create_chroot(); it missed clean_temporary().
parent 625e6bd4
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ create_chroot() {
clean_temporary() {
stat_busy "Removing temporary copy [$copy]"
if [[ "$chroottype" == btrfs ]]; then
if [[ "$chroottype" == btrfs ]] && ! mountpoint -q "$copydir"; then
btrfs subvolume delete "$copydir" >/dev/null ||
die "Unable to delete subvolume %s" "$copydir"
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