Commit b58fb334 authored by Dave Reisner's avatar Dave Reisner

checkpkg: mask errors from lib-provides

bsdtar doesn't consider it an error when your --include doesn't match
anything in the archive, so we're forced to dump stderr to /dev/null

parent f743f586
......@@ -63,8 +63,8 @@ for _pkgname in "${pkgname[@]}"; do
sdiff -s "$TEMPDIR/filelist-$_pkgname-old" "$TEMPDIR/filelist-$_pkgname"
find-libprovides "$TEMPDIR/$oldpkg" | sort > "$TEMPDIR/libraries-$_pkgname-old"
find-libprovides "$pkgfile" | sort > "$TEMPDIR/libraries-$_pkgname"
find-libprovides "$TEMPDIR/$oldpkg" 2>/dev/null | sort > "$TEMPDIR/libraries-$_pkgname-old"
find-libprovides "$pkgfile" 2>/dev/null | sort > "$TEMPDIR/libraries-$_pkgname"
if ! diff_output="$(sdiff -s "$TEMPDIR/libraries-$_pkgname-old" "$TEMPDIR/libraries-$_pkgname")"; then
msg "Sonames differ in $_pkgname!"
echo "$diff_output"
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