Commit 4dc6c459 authored by Seblu's avatar Seblu

open phpmyadmin in a new window from menu

parent 3f536704
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ function dispMenu() {
if ($_SESSION["user_right"] >= 20) {
$str .= '<li><a href="/?html=AdminHome" id="tabs_cours" title="Administration"><strong>Admin</strong></a></li>';
$str .= '<li><a href="/phpmyadmin/" id="tabs_cours" title="PhpMyAdmin"><strong>PhpMyAdmin</strong></a></li>';
$str .= '<li><a href="/phpmyadmin/" id="tabs_cours" title="PhpMyAdmin" target=new><strong>PhpMyAdmin</strong></a></li>';
$str .= '<li><a href="/?html=Members" id="tabs_cours" title="Membres"><strong>Membres</strong></a></li>';
$str .= '<li><a href="/?html=Contacts" id="tabs_releases" title="Contactez-nous"><strong>Contact</strong></a></li>';
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