Commit 4afc8461 authored by Anaël Beutot's avatar Anaël Beutot

Remove sub_tags argument

As it is not used and broken (type_ is not kept).
parent f9d09b72
......@@ -287,18 +287,15 @@ class TagDB(object):
registration on the cc-server.
def __init__(self, parent_db=None, tags=None, sub_tags=None):
def __init__(self, parent_db=None, tags=None):
:param TagDB parent_db: TagDB parent object
:param iterable tags: initial tags
:param dict sub_tags: initial subtags
self._parent = parent_db
if tags is None:
tags = tuple()
if sub_tags is None:
sub_tags = {}
self.db = defaultdict(
......@@ -311,10 +308,6 @@ class TagDB(object):
for tag in tags:
for sub_id, tags in sub_tags.iteritems():
for tag in tags:
self.add_sub_tag(sub_id, tag)
def set_parent(self, parent):
"""Set parent tag database."""
# check if previous parent
......@@ -457,18 +450,17 @@ class RootTagDB(TagDB):
It takes care of tag registration with cc-server. It has no parent.
def __init__(self, main, tags=None, sub_tags=None):
def __init__(self, main, tags=None):
:param main: MainLoop instance
:param tags: initial tags
:param sub_tags: initial sub tags
self.main = main
#: dict for RPC async call storage, keep a part of log message
self.async_calls = dict()
TagDB.__init__(self, tags=tags, sub_tags=sub_tags)
TagDB.__init__(self, tags=tags)
def set_parent(self, parent):
raise NotImplementedError('Cannot set parent on RootTagDB')
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