Commit e501f741 authored by Antoine Millet's avatar Antoine Millet

Renamed SharedStorage as DummyStorage

In order to be reused by another piece of code.
parent 94c17131
......@@ -480,13 +480,13 @@ class Storage(object):
class SharedStorageVolumeDispenser(object):
class DummyStorageVolumeDispenser(object):
def __init__(self, storage): = storage
def get(self, name):
return SharedVolume(, name)
return DummyVolume(, name)
def itervalues(self):
return iter([])
......@@ -500,7 +500,7 @@ class SharedStorage(Storage):
:param lv_storage: Libvirt pool storage instance
super(SharedStorage, self).__init__(lv_storage)
self.volumes = SharedStorageVolumeDispenser(self)
self.volumes = DummyStorageVolumeDispenser(self)
def is_shared(self):
......@@ -527,8 +527,8 @@ class Volume(object):
self.capacity, self.allocation =[1:]
class SharedVolume(object):
"""Shared volume abstraction."""
class DummyVolume(object):
"""Dummy volume abstraction."""
def __init__(self, storage, name): = storage
self.path, self.capacity, self.allocation = None, None, None
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