Commit 1bad4c94 authored by Antoine Millet's avatar Antoine Millet

Removed list_vm method.

parent 80fa3ff4
......@@ -61,30 +61,6 @@ class ClientHandler(OnlineCCHandler):
role_name = 'client'
def list_vm(self):
List all VMs on nodes.
found_vm = []
async_ids = set()
# Send the asynchronous request to all nodes:
for node in self._server.iterrole('node'):
# Wait for the response:
responses = self._server.manager.wait(frozenset(async_ids), timeout=5)
# Process the responses:
for resp in responses:
if resp['error'] is None:
for vm in resp['return']:
return tuple(found_vm)
def _list(self, query):
# Contains all the objects to be filted:
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