Commit 3b0abff6 authored by Seblu's avatar Seblu

Handle overwrite of local files in Url class

parent df88fb24
......@@ -102,8 +102,10 @@ class Url(object):
raise Error(f"Failed to get headers at {self}: {exp}")
return getattr(self, "_headers")
def download(self, destination):
def download(self, destination, overwrite=True):
"""Download URL to destination"""
if not overwrite and exists(destination):
raise Error(f"Local file {destination} already exists")
debug(f"Downloading from : {self.url}")
debug(f" to : {destination}")
......@@ -154,14 +156,9 @@ class Package(Url):
def get(self, sign=True, force=False):
"""Download the package locally"""
if not force:
if exists(self.filename):
raise Error(f"Local file {self.filename} already exists")
if sign and exists(self.sigfilename):
raise Error(f"Local file {self.sigfilename} already exists"), force)
if sign and self.sigurl.exists:, force)
class Archive(object):
"""Abstract access to the package Archive"""
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