Commit 26cafdad authored by Seblu's avatar Seblu
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Prefer _pkgvere to pkgver when updating

parent 4ebf423d
......@@ -47,13 +47,20 @@ def parse_pkgbuild(path, shell="bash"):
def pkgbuild_set_version(path, version, reset=True):
Change PKGBUILD pkgver to version
If reset is True, pkgrel will be set to 1
Change PKGBUILD $pkgver to version
if a variable $_pkgver is present, this one will be updated instead of $pkgver
If reset is True, $pkgrel will be set to 1
wspces = "[ \t\r\f\v]"
data = open(path, "r").read()
data = re.sub("pkgver=.*", "pkgver=%s" % version, data)
# prefer to replace $_pkgver
var = "pkgver" if"^%s*_pkgver=" % wspces, data,
re.MULTILINE) is None else "_pkgver"
data = re.sub("^(%s*%s=).*$" % (wspces, var),
"\g<1>%s" % version, data, flags=re.MULTILINE)
if reset:
data = re.sub("pkgrel=.*", "pkgrel=1", data)
data = re.sub("^(%s*pkgrel=).*" % wspces, "\g<1>1", data,
open(path, "w").write(data)
def pkgbuild_update_checksums(path):
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