Commit a2ca51c9 authored by Seblu's avatar Seblu
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Try to update when pkgname or pkgbase match

parent 68dbc88d
......@@ -211,15 +211,20 @@ def command_update(args, vctrl):
pkgdict = parse_pkgbuild(args.path)
if args.vars:
pkgname = pkgdict.get("pkgname0", pkgdict.get("pkgbase", None))
pkgbase = pkgdict.get("pkgbase", None)
pkgname0 = pkgdict.get("pkgname0", None)
pkgver = pkgdict.get("pkgver", None)
# some sanity checks
if pkgname is None:
raise BaseError("Unable to detect pkgname in %s" % args.path)
if pkgname0 is None and pkgbase is None:
raise BaseError("Unable to detect pkgname/pkgbase in %s" % args.path)
if pkgver is None:
raise BaseError("Unable to detect pkgver in %s" % args.path)
if pkgname not in vctrl.packages:
raise BaseError("No registered package %s" % pkgname)
if pkgname0 in vctrl.packages:
pkgname = pkgname0
elif pkgbase in vctrl.packages:
pkgname = pkgbase
raise BaseError("No registered package %s" % (pkgbase or pkgname0))
# redure packge list to the extracted one
# sync if not refused
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