Commit b1bd8c47 authored by Seblu's avatar Seblu
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Fresh mode is now based on time

Doesn't compare versions, let that to new mode
parent 5f4fdd1b
......@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ Description=Archcversion sync and send mail
ExecStart=/usr/bin/archversion sync
ExecStart=/usr/bin/archversion sendmail -f
ExecStart=/usr/bin/archversion sendmail -fn
......@@ -244,7 +244,11 @@ class VersionController(object):
logging.debug("eval_upstream produce version: %s" % v_upstream)
# save upstream version
if v_upstream is not None:
self.cache["upstream"][name] = {"version": v_upstream, "epoch": int(time())}
if self.cache["upstream"][name].get("version", None) != v_upstream:
logging.debug("caching upstream version %s" % v_upstream)
self.cache["upstream"][name] = {"version": v_upstream, "epoch": int(time())}
logging.debug("already cached upstream version %s" % v_upstream)
logging.warning("%s: Upstream version not found." % name)
# get downstream mode
......@@ -261,7 +265,11 @@ class VersionController(object):
logging.debug("eval_downstream produce version: %s" % v_downstream)
# save downstream version
if v_downstream is not None:
self.cache["downstream"][name] = {"version": v_downstream, "epoch": int(time())}
if self.cache["downstream"][name].get("version", None) != v_downstream:
logging.debug("caching downstream version %s" % v_downstream)
self.cache["downstream"][name] = {"version": v_downstream, "epoch": int(time())}
logging.debug("already cached downstream version %s" % v_downstream)
logging.warning("%s: Downstream version not found." % name)
......@@ -288,15 +296,14 @@ class VersionController(object):
# only fresh version mode
if only_fresh:
last_cmp = self.cache["compare"].get(name, None)
if (last_cmp is not None and
last_cmp.get("upstream", None) == v_upstream and
last_cmp.get("downstream", None) == v_downstream):
logging.debug("%s: skipped by only fresh mode" % name)
# save our report in cache
self.cache["compare"][name] = {"upstream": v_upstream,
"downstream": v_downstream, "epoch": int(time())}
last_cmp = self.cache["compare"].get(name, -1)
last_up = self.cache["upstream"].get(name, {}).get("epoch", 0)
last_down = self.cache["downstream"].get(name, {}).get("epoch", 0)
if (last_cmp >= last_up and last_cmp >= last_down):
logging.debug("%s: skipped by only fresh mode" % name)
# save our compare in cache
self.cache["compare"][name] = int(time())
yield (name, v_upstream, v_downstream)
def print_names(self):
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