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Fix invalid maintainer sends mail every check time

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......@@ -343,13 +343,13 @@ class Aurbot(object):
debug("Updating %s" %
# for security, if the maintainer is incorrect we fail
maintainer = pkgconfig.get("maintainer")
debug("Configured maintainer: %s" % maintainer)
debug("Configured maintainer: %s" % pkgconfig.get("maintainer"))
debug("AUR maintainer: %s" % aurpkg.maintainer)
debug("Last maintainer: %s" % localpkg.lastmaintainer)
if maintainer != aurpkg.maintainer:
# str is required to handle no maintainer as None string
if pkgconfig.get("maintainer") != str(aurpkg.maintainer):
# we notify by mail only once the maintainer is invalid
if localpkg.lastmaintainer != aurpkg.maintainer:
if localpkg.lastmaintainer != str(aurpkg.maintainer):
self.send_maintainer_report(pkgconfig, localpkg, aurpkg)
localpkg.lastmaintainer = aurpkg.maintainer
error("Invalid maintainer for package %s" %
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