Commit 6dce935b authored by Luke Shumaker's avatar Luke Shumaker Committed by Dave Reisner

archbuild: Fix a variable name mistake. ($copydir -> $copy)

It tried to lock `$copydir.lock`, which was the ONLY mention of $copydir in
the entire file.  Surely it meant `$copy.lock`; the line was probably
originally copy/pasted from makechrootpkg or similar, where $copydir is
parent 98841eb6
......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ if ${clean_first} || [[ ! -d "${chroots}/${repo}-${arch}" ]]; then
[[ -d $copy ]] || continue
msg2 "Deleting chroot copy '$(basename "${copy}")'..."
lock 9 "$copydir.lock" "Locking chroot copy '$copy'"
lock 9 "$copy.lock" "Locking chroot copy '$copy'"
if [[ "$(stat -f -c %T "${copy}")" == btrfs ]]; then
{ type -P btrfs && btrfs subvolume delete "${copy}"; } &>/dev/null
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