Commit 8f2e81ab authored by Seblu's avatar Seblu

modification de la grammaire suite au remarque sur le projet a epita

parent 6788ad4b
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ element: WORD
compound_list: ('\n')* and_or ((';'|'&'|'\n') ('\n')* and_or)* [(('&'|';'|'\n') ('\n')*)]
rule_for: 'for' WORD ('\n')* ['in' (WORD)+ (';'|'\n') ('\n')*] do_group
rule_for: 'for' WORD ('\n')* ['in' (WORD)* (';'|'\n') ('\n')*] do_group
rule_while: 'while' compound_list do_group
......@@ -59,6 +59,6 @@ else_clause: 'else' compound_list
do_group: 'do' compound_list 'done'
case_clause: case_item (';;' (\n)* case_item)* [;;]
case_clause: case_item (';;' ('\n')* case_item)* [;;] ('\n')*
case_item: ['('] WORD ('|' WORD)* ')' ( ('\n')* | compound_list )
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