Commit 784aedfb authored by clemarch's avatar clemarch Committed by Antoine Millet

Retreive HKVM version from /etc/hkvm_version

Instead of /etc/isimage. Choice as been made to not enforce version
here as there are no needs to do so.
parent ddaf585d
......@@ -213,9 +213,8 @@ def plugins(handler):
# HKVM related tags
def hkvmver():
"""HKVM version."""
fields = dict(x.split(': ', 1) for x in open('/etc/isimage').read().split('\n') if x.strip())
return int(fields['image version'])
"""HKVM version and patch level."""
return open('/etc/hkvm_version').read().strip()
def hkvmsetup():
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